Morrow Project Rulebook

The Morrow Project Gamebook

One hundred and fifty years after the Third World War, the members of the Morrow Project wake to a strange world. Instead of being part of an organized plan to rebuild our civilization, they find themselves isolated in a world where the War is only a distant legend, the people are ignorant of anything but the struggle to survive and strange mutated animals haunt their footsteps.

Playing The Morrow Project, you must not only survive but you must carry out your original mission to rebuild the world. To do this you have your equipment and training, your team, and your own guts and imagination. Together you and your teammates must try to do a job that was planned for thousands.

The Morrow Project may be played with nothing other than this book, dice, paper, and pencil. Included in this book is targeting information for the missiles that fell, full details on Morrow Project teams, vehicles, and equipment, the most accurate combat system on the market for modern weapons, complete medical details, the people and creatures living in the post-holocaust world, and more. 80 pages, illustrations, pictures, and tables, The Morrow Project Gamebook is three-hole punched to allow it to be put in a three-ring binder.

* The Morrow Project is property of TimeLine, Ltd.